Our Story

Mid-1970sFriendships form between Tenbury lorry drivers hauling livestock to Pont-du-Casse and local rugby players, leading to two visits from Tenbury’'s rugby team to Pont-du-Casse.
1982First visit of Pont-du-Casse rugby team to Tenbury.
1983Initial visit to Pont-du-Case by members of Tenbury's Town Council, Round Table, rugby, swimming and tennis clubs, operatic and dramatic societies, and High School staff.
April 1985A "Twinning Oath" is signed by the Mayors of the two towns, in Pont-du-Casse, during the first official visit from Tenbury Wells. This is followed by the naming of a street, the "rue de Tenbury Wells" in Pont-du-Casse.
August 1985First visit of Pont-du-Casse delegation, numbering 55, to Tenbury Wells.
April 1992Around 50 older primary school pupils from Pont-du-Casse visit Tenbury. A similar number from Tenbury later make the return trip.
June 1994A successful visit to Pont-du-Casse by the Tenbury Town Band, numbering 20 and aged from 10 to 60, includes 12 performances in venues ranging from a primary school playground to a square in the city of Agen (pictured). [news clip]
1994Tenbury is Highly Commended in the Royal Mail's International Twin Town Awards, having been selected from 130 entries.
August 2015During a visit by Tenbury residents including the Town Band to Pont-du-Casse, the Mayors of the two towns (Christian Delbrel) renew their Twinning Commitment" upon the 30th anniversary of the original signing.
July 2017Most recent visit to Tenbury from the Cassipontins.
November 2017A Beaujolais Nouveau evening including French Trivia Quiz.